The Game

The Happy Game is a fun and interactive family board game that is played with pawns and a die. During the game you try to collect as many happiness experiences as possible as quickly as possible. You do this by taking turns throwing the die and moving your pawn.

Each square has a color and per turn you take a card in the color of the square you landed on. Each card has a short explanation and then an assignment. Some squares have an image of an owl. These are the owls you must collect to win the game!

If you have collected all 8 owls and cross the finish line first, you have won and you are a "richer" person! 

In the game you get assignments, you're asked to read quotes and you have to make choices. Everything to experience what happiness feels like and to learn what makes you happy. For each assignment you get 30 seconds, an hourglass keeps time.

Making music, singing or listening to music make you happy. One of the assignments is: Turn on your favorite song on YouTube and sing along as loud (and out of tune :-)) as you can!

Happiness experiences are divided into colored theme cards. You can also end up on a gray square, you experience a setback that you can consider for a moment. In return you will receive compliments and hugs from the group. Because gaining experiences together and working together also increase the level of happiness, you will receive a group assignment on a white box.

How to win
You win the colored cards (with the wise owl on it) when you have completed the assignments. There are no wrong answers because everyone is authentic and autonomous. The game contains humor for both young and old.

Goal of the game
Gain as many happiness experiences as possible in order to become the "richest" person in the game.

Our goal is to teach families how to live happily ever after in a fun interactive way, so click below to order the game!

The board game has 7 themes that lead to happiness and 1 theme that ensures resilience after a setback:

The themes are based on scientific insights. For more information about this, see About Happiness.